New York, USA

“I am using Footbalance insoles in my tennis shoes and they are great! I don’t get tired easily as I used to especially when I am walking around for long distances in New York.”


Sharjah, UAE

“I’ve been on cloud 9 for about 4 months around the time I got Footbalance insoles. I can walk and run for a longer time with comfort making my life easier step by step.”


Abu Dhabi, UAE

“I work as an Events Manager in a Sports Company and I had knee injury from playing football which affected my work and daily life. After using Footbalance insoles i now can play football again and stay longer and stronger on my feet.”


Dubai, UAE

“Nothing to say more about the insoles other than they are perfect. My back pain has reduced a lot only after few times of wearing them on, my feet feels better and also my neck and shoulders. Thanks for Footbalance for the amazing insoles.”


Abu Dhabi, UAE

“As a professional speaker i’m often standing for 8-12 hours a day. When I buy a shoes, the first thing I check is how comfortable they are. I can’t count how many shoes and insoles I’ve tried. Thanks to FootBalance my search is over; FootBalance in the last 3 weeks have been exactly what I have been looking for.”


Abu Dhabi, UAE

““I ve been using FootBalance insoles for over a year now and what a difference it has made to my posture, lower back and knees. I can feel the electricity balance in my lower back going on and off when I stand with or without my shoes on. The only challenge is that I now want FootBalance insoles in every shoe I own and had to throw away all the normal non-custom insoles.”


Abu Dhabi, UAE

“This is the first time I have tried fitted insoles and I am very pleased I chose FootBalance 100% custom insoles. The service was excellent and the sports insoles that I selected and had fitted are superb, I now feel like Leonel Messi on a Sunday and Wednesday evening! I will be back for insoles for my work shoes and I will be recommending FootBalance to friends, colleagues and all fellow sportsmen in Abu Dhabi.”


Dubai, UAE

“A split of a second decision is what makes the difference between an average and a top class stricker. I am glad with footbalance insoles perfect fit i am able to achieve that high Performance level on my football games. Moreover, the exhausted feet feeling from long standing hours during day job has been drastically reduced, giving me a fresh experience for the rest of the day to do my sports. A winner for all sports lovers who care about performance and results.”