QuickFit Control

The FootBalance QuickFit Control Insole is designed for a normal or high arch foot. The insole is a narrow-fit and is specically designed for tight fitting football boots and skates to provide increased control and support. QuickFit is a totally new product range of custom insoles. The difference to our 100% Custom insoles is that QuickFit are pre-moulded insoles sold off-the-shelf, then heated and moulded at home.


Maximise Your Control: Designed for heavy use and training QuickFit Control delivers increased control during the game by supporting your feet in your football boots/ice skates, with the patented core including a strong balance plate providing correct alignment and even weight distribution. With your feet properly supported you can concentrate on your game and hit the target.

Increased shock absorption on hard surfaces: QuickFit Control is constructed to distribute your weight more evenly across your foot, includes an air pocket under the heel cup which provides increased cushioning and reduces strain on the heel. High quality shock absorption material is used, dissipating the effects of hard ground strikes.

Enhanced energy transfer and traction: QuickFit Control’s stabilised heel cup prevents the heel from rolling sideways, providing improved stability while an extra thin construction is used for better foot-to-shoe feel and control to the ground. With your feet properly supported and your weight more evenly distributed across your feet, you receive the benefits of enhanced traction and faster acceleration as well as improved energy transfer between the ground and your feet.

Perfect for
  • A wide range of sports
  • All foot types

Tennis SoccerSnowboarding Running  Hiking Golfing Fitness  Cross-Country-Skiing Bicycle Basketball Alpine-Skiing

  • Comfortable, high-quality shock absorption
  • Antibacterial, reinforced top coat for hard use.
  • Stabilised, squared heel cup
  • Punch holes for ventilation and quick dry
  • Patented and rigid Balance Plate (2,0mm) for arch support

Sizes_34-52Dynamic-Blue_Cushioning Dynamic-Blue_Stiffness Dynamic-Blue_SM Dynamic-Blue_Weight

To purchase and get QuickFit Control Insole, individually moulded to your unique feet, you must visit our local store “FootBalance Kiosk” at Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

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FootBalances’ innovative 100% custom made products bring you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price. With FootBalance 100% custom made products you get a complete in-store foot analysis and custom molded insoles/footwear in approximately 10 minutes. Moderately cushioned with robust support, Footbalance Dynamic Blue insole is a perfect choice that fits a wide range of feet and footwear. A great all-round model perfect for various different sports. Offers great shock absorption and comfort with moderate support.


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