Profile Insole

Footbalance’s original leather insole. Adds comfortable support to all types of formal shoes while creating a customized fit. The ultra-thin profile is designed for an easy fit even in tight, low profile shoes.

The distinctive, genuine leather top-surface compliments formal shoes and feels good even without socks.

Available in inca brown or black. Suited for both men and women in standard or narrow width with light cushioning.

  • Adds comfortable support to even the lowest profile shoes
  • Makes long days standing for work more enjoyable
Perfect for
  • Formal, dress and casual shoes
  • Low-volume footwear
  • All foot types

Size_36-46Cushioning_01 Stiffness_01 Surface-Material_Leather Weight_1.83-52


FootBalances’ innovative 100% custom made products bring you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price. With FootBalance 100% custom made products you get a complete in-store foot analysis and custom molded insoles/ footwear in approximately 10 minutes.


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