Medical Green Insole

(NOTE: Prices can vary between 700.00د.إ  and  900.00د.إ,  depending on the market being served. So, the price can be (700+—–900.00د.إ). Please visit our store to know the current price of this model.

FootBalance’s Medical Green Footwear/Insole is designed for those who need the highest levels of support. This combines greater shock absorption with a stiffer core. It is one of our best medical insoles for extreme overpronation and overly flexible feet.

  • Features our most popular insole shape to immediately fit the widest range of feet.
  • Designed to fit regular shoes for better patient satisfaction.
  • Abrasion resistant top fabric wicks moisture away for all day comfort.
  • Surface fabric is antibacterially treated against bacteria, allergens and molds for good foot health.
  • Can be combined with the full line of Footbalance wedges, horse shoe postings, and cut-to-shape reinforcement postings for additional customization.
  • Extra robust support plus greater shock absorption
  • Suitable for both daily wear and active sports
Perfect for
  • Severe to extreme overpronation
  • Overly flexible feet
  • High-impact activities
  • Patients who need greater rigidity underfoot

Sizes_34-52Cushioning_03  Stiffness_03 Surface-Material_Zero-Sweat Weight_55g