Medical Blue Insole

(NOTE: Prices can vary between 700.00د.إ  and  900.00د.إ,  depending on the market being served. So, the price can be (700+—–900.00د.إ). Please visit our store to know the current price of this model.

The all around choice for moderately cushioned, robust support. Suitable for a wide range of feet, footwear and activities.

Features our most popular shape to immediately fit the widest range of feet. Moderate, efficient cushioning minimizes bulk for a comfortable fit in work, leisure and sport footwear. Suitable for both daily wear and active sports.

Abrasion resistant top fabric wicks moisture away for all day comfort. Surface fabric is antibacterially treated against bacteria, allergens and molds for good foot health.

Can be combined with the full line of Footbalance wedges, horse shoe postings, and cut-to-shape reinforcement postings for additional customization.

  • Moderately cushioned, robust support that fits a wide range of feet and footwear
  • Designed to fit the patient’s normal shoes for higher satisfaction
  • Suitable for both sports and daily wear
Perfect for
  • Most foot types
  • Daily wear
  • Active sports
All foot types

Sizes_34-52 Cushioning_02 Stiffness_02 Surface-Material_Zero-Sweat Weight_50g