Dynamic Pink Insole

A great personal trainer for your feet. Footbalance Dynamic Pink Insole is specifically designed for women with a balance plate proportioned for women’s feet.  Features a smaller heel cup and narrower shape.  Offers shock absorption and comfort with sufficient support for both recreational and performance athletes.

Shock absorption to reduce stress related injuries

Studies have shown that improving overall body alignment helps improve biomechanical efficiency and reduce the incidence of stress injuries.

Our best selling insole for narrow feet


  • Durable antibacterial coated surface for maximum hygiene.
  • High quality rebounding cushion material provides shock absorption and maintains shape.
  • Patented design balance plate provides custom mouldable dynamic arch support, decreases ankle rotation aiding in the prevention of misalignment to maintain a neutral stance while activating foot muscles.
  • High-strength bottom surface contributes to moulding a heel cup, aiding in the decrease of ankle rotation.
Stiffness: 1
Sizes: 34 – 42
  • Features a smaller heel cup and narrower shape.
  • Offers shock absorption and comfort with sufficient support for both recreational and performance athletes.
Perfect for
  • Women
  • Narrower feet
  • Narrower shoes
  • All foot types

Tennis SoccerSnowboarding Running Hockey Hiking Golfing Fitness Figure-Skating Cross-Country-Skiing Bicycle Basketball Alpine-Skiing


Sizes_34-52Dynamic-Pink_CushioningDynamic-Pink_StiffnessPink_SM Dynamic-Pink_Weight

To purchase and get Dynamic Pink Insole, individually moulded to your unique feet, you must visit our local store “FootBalance Kiosk” at Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

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FootBalances’ innovative 100% custom made products bring you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price. With FootBalance 100% custom made products you get a complete in-store foot analysis and custom molded insoles/footwear in approximately 10 minutes.


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