Dynamic Blue Insole

Does your shoe cause the ball of your foot to hurt?
Moderately cushioned with robust support, Footbalance Dynamic Blue insole is a perfect choice that fits a wide range of feet and footwear. A great all-round model perfect for various different sports. Offers great shock absorption and comfort with moderate support.


All around comfort and performance

Perfect for
  • A wide range of sports
  • All foot types

Tennis SoccerSnowboarding Running  Hiking Golfing Fitness  Cross-Country-Skiing Bicycle Basketball Alpine-Skiing


Sizes_34-52Dynamic-Blue_Cushioning Dynamic-Blue_Stiffness Dynamic-Blue_SM Dynamic-Blue_Weight

To purchase and get Footbalance Dynamic Blue insole, individually moulded to your unique feet, you must visit our local store “FootBalance Kiosk” at Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

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