Hiking is a great way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Your feet need to be in good condition to cope with the various terrains and obstacles that you will come across on your hike. FootBalance custom insoles provide customized comfort on your journey keeping your feet in place and aligned, making your hiking boots fit snugly, thus helping prevent your feet slipping within your boots, providing better endurance, shock absorption and injury prevention.

Misalignment in the feet and ankles affects overall body alignment and efficiency, negatively affecting stamina and shock absorption.

When hiking your feet need to absorb the impact of striking the ground on various terrains particularly as you traverse obstacles in your way. Feet in misalignment do a poor job of absorbing this impact, unnecessarily stressing the shins, knees, hips and lower back. Hiking long distances with misaligned feet can cause stress injuries, pain and excess wear on joints. Overall the enjoyment of your hike will be lost and you will be left worrying about your feet.

Focus on your Journey! Get Proper Support and Alignment with FootBalance Insoles: FootBalance insoles support your feet in proper alignment for better shock absorption, more efficiency and improved injury prevention.

When your feet and ankles are properly aligned your body is able to absorb surprisingly large impact forces. FootBalance custom made insoles help improve performance, increase endurance, while the dynamic, patented FootBalance core returns additional energy to your feet.

Molded to your unique feet, FootBalance insoles customize your hiking boots for superior comfort, support and performance. The amount of support and cushioning are tailored to your personal needs for a good feel on every hike allowing you to focus on your journey.

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